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About Us


Welcome to the magical world of Alice Hizou,
where tradition meets fantasy!

The name Alice Hizou was inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland', where Japan is the wonderland in which you pick up all the lovely treasures. 'Hizou' mean 'treasure chest' in Japanese. My works are inspired by traditional Japanese elements, steampunk, fantasy and a bit of imagination.

I have been making jewelry with a variety of medium, beads, crystals, etc since almost 25 years ago but a couple of years back decided to venture into resin and recently polymer clay. I'm into gothic and fantasy with some traditional Japanese elements and it's hard to find such accessories, so I decided to make my own and now I'm sharing it with you all! My style keep changing and evolving and grow with time. 

A bit more about myself;
I have chronic pain and cannot go to work many days, so this business helps support me and my two cats. Thank you for purchasing from me, no matter how small or big, I'm really appreciative of my customers.

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